Mash-up real time mobile “app” and social, with structured CRM data, and then build your brand’s Demand curve. Identify consumers with real-time purchasing intent for your products and services and convert propensity to buy into sales transactions.

Demand signals are the patterns of online behavior of groups and individuals in the form of “digital body language.” Knowing digital body language means that you know what consumers actually want, expect, and need in real time. It is the difference between finding a needle in a haystack or starting your campaign with a full stack of needles.

1Identify consumer demand signals and predict real-time intent using social, mobile and CRM data sources.

2Create high context consumer profiles called Personas to target high propensity people, groups, events and communities.

3Build and manipulate your brand’s demand curve and engage with customers at the right time - when they are looking for you.

"Feel" your way to montetization using Spam or junk
mail methods.

Think about what you can supply - not what your
customers want.

Waste people's time - and wither your brand.

Build your path to monetization by understanding the individuals and groups that comprise your demand curve.

Be selective with relevant, engaging offers to people in real time who are ready (and looking) to buy.

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