30-Day Trial / Apply for consideration

IDInteract is working with select enterprises to try the Demand Exchange platform for a 30 day trial. To submit your enterprise for consideration review the following qualification criteria, participation agreements and provide the requested information using the submission form. IDInteract will confirm your submission and may contact you for additional information. Initial Qualification Criteria:
  • Enterprise Size: Medium (100-500) or Large (500+) employees enterprises only
  • Industry: Operating in Retail, Consumer Products, Telecommunications or Media & Entertainment
  • Location: Headquartered and operating within the United States
Participation Agreement:
  • Acceptance of IDInteract’s NDA and Trial Opportunity Agreement
  • Trial duration of 30 days with specified platform utilization restrictions
  • Post orientation and training deployment must begin between 1/7/13 and 1/31/13
  • Agreement to serve as a customer reference during and after the trial period
  • The trial period will last for 30 working days excluding weekends or United States Federal holidays

Trial Submission Form

  • Submission Contact Information

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