Approach / Demand versus supply

IDInteract introduces a demand based approach to digital marketing focused on the identification of consumer market demand followed by automatic revenue conversion. Our soul focus is to consolidate, analyze and leverage multiple sources of data – and the contextual information it contains – in an efficient and actionable way. Consumer data from social media and mobile applications is a valuable source for real-time information about consumer behavior, consideration and purchasing power. This information, used in conjunction with existing CRM data, can fuel a more timely and effective “demand” based marketing approach (versus outdated CRM “supply” based approaches) by enhancing consumer profiles leading to improved targeting and revenue conversion. Too much data with too little usefulness has created the need for an enterprise-grade product with simplicity, automation, measurement and a bridge to revenue. IDInteract meets this need today with the Demand Exchange, a demand identification platform that let’s enterprise digital marketers identify and convert real-time consumer demand into revenue while respecting privacy.

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