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What is multi-zone receiver?

Multi Zone Receiver

The Home Theater Receiver is commonly known as Audio Video Receiver. Basically, it is a box that contains a multi-channel amplifier, which produces the pre-amplifier, surround sound, also inbuilt radio tuner for high definition radio, internet radio, Sirius satellite radio or AM/FM.

It has usually several inputs as well as audio inputs such as games consoles, television boxes, DVD/ Blue Ray players; audio outputs such as speakers, LCV TV and an interface such as knobs or buttons to control them.

With the advancement of technology, the listener needs to improve the home theater receiver becomes more sophisticated by simply adding a great feature called as a multi-zone function.

As the name suggests that the multi-zone or multi source is a function within the receiver, which allows it to transmit two various audio signals from two various inputs to speakers in various locations at the same time.

By simply having this, the multi zone home theater receiver enables to control both audio and video sources as well as send the audio signals to various locations. This should be varied from a multi-room function that is performed by wiring speakers to several locations and controls the inputs as well as outputs through the receiver.

All the locations will listen to audio signals from the similar source with the same volume. Here, you can switch between the speakers by using the receiver.

How does multi-zone receiver work?

Commonly, the entry level to mid-level home theater receivers have 7.1 channels. This means that you can have a receiver in 5.1 channel mode in the main zone and the two spare channels for zone 2. If you are not using zone 2, you can have a complete 7.1 channel mode for main zone.

You can also set up the multi channel receiver to have full 7.1 channel mode in the main zone, but shop an extra pre-amp to send signals to an additional amplifier in zone 2. In order to have a powerful sound in zone 2, you do not need to sacrifice the full 7.1 channel mode in main zone.

The high-end home theater receivers always provide 9.2 channels with zone 4 digital output to run in the main zone.

How to shop the best multi-zone AV receiver?

The great thing about dual zone receiver is controlling either in a similar or a separate source than the one is being listened to in main room as well as in another location. Once your DVD/CD player is connected to the home theater receiver, you can access and control individually through extra onboard or remote control options available with the receiver.

Forgetting an ultimate cinematic experience in your home, you want the latest technology multi zone av receiver that brings you truly immersive experience. This av receiver usually sounds good.

Actually, all the av receivers are having the same fundamental functionality, but they may differ significantly in performance and specifications as well. Based on your current system needs, you are going to buy and use this av receiver in your small living space.

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