The drastic changes of the technological gadgets and the musical equipments

Over the years we have seen a lot of changes taking place around us. Without any doubt science and technology has made remarkable progress in all the aspects. Our lives are better, simpler, and in many ways more productive with the help of these machines and technological gadgets. When it comes to the music systems a drastic change has taken here too. The turntables, gramophone, record players have all become things of the past. Albeit, the modern vinyl players are very much still in vogue and one can see them in many places still in operation. A turn table was basically a very simple mechanical device that consisted of a platter that was placed on a base and the platter was supported by mat so that it should not slip from the original position.

Understanding the key components of a turntable

A turntable was fairly a simple machine that could play the records. It consisted of the following essential components: –

  • Bearing: – The platter was perhaps the most important p[art of the device but at the same time the bearing was also very important and it was responsible for the smooth rotation of the platter. The stylus must be able to track the record of the track and play it with the minimum drags. This is a very key and major component for the turntable to function smoothly and properly.
  • Platter: – A platter is the spinning surface on which the records must be placed. It has to work very efficiently and one will have to check its functioning in order to get the perfect sound. According to many experts a good platter must make an even contact with the vinyl. It has been noticed that the platters with 50s and 80s have a slight edge curved lip.
  • tonearmMotor: – The motor is also a very integral part of the turntable and the system will not rotate and will not function at all without the help of the motor. In the market a variety of AC motors are available and one will have to very careful and specific about the needs and requirements of the turntable. One can also use the DC motors so that less power is consumed.
  • Plinth: – The plinth of the turntable is also known as the base of the turntable. This part generally includes all the vibration isolating systems.
  • The tonearm: – This is also a very key component as it is placed on the side of the platter and it helps the stylus to access the records.
  • The cartridge: – This component has been designed in a way that it can hold the stylus or what is also commonly known as the needle. This is generally installed at the very end of the tonearm and it helps the vibrations to transform into electrical energy. The cartridges are of many types and one has to choose according to needs and requirements.